Who we are

Imagine a world where everyone has access to all the nutrients they need, where life expectancy is rising again, where modern diseases are in decline, and where everyone has more daily organic energy to fully flourish.
This world is possible and it is available to you through micronutrition.

Our mission

To help you live longer, in better health, and with more organic energy in our daily life.

Our values

Bloomizon takes care of your wellness.
We match the best of science and nature to fulfill your body's needs.

A partner that takes care of your wellness

Wellness is an everyday job. With its digital platform and tailor-made program, its morning winks, Bloomizon makes wellness finally a pleasure.
Yes, we did say pleasure.

The best of science and nature

Thanks to an optimized digital platform and a proven algorithm, Bloomizon offers tailor-made, effective and responsible food supplements.

Body health and mental health

Because at Bloomizon your wellness is as important as that of the planet, we put all our energy to design and craft the most responsible food supplements possible.

You are unique

We know you're unique and so are your needs. We address them.

Your body, your way of life, your diet are unique, your vitamins should be too.

Our food has changed


Vitamin A


Vitamin B


Vitamin C

The agri-food industry has experienced major changes which allowed it to produce enough food for an ever increasing population, but nutritional quality decreased as a result.

Over the past 50 years a banana, for example, has lost 80% of its content in vitamin A. Even more frightening, today it takes 100 apples to have the nutritional equivalent of a single apple in 1950.

Vitamins are essential to life, and since our bodies do not have the ability to produce them, we must get them through our food.

Today, even with a balanced diet, it is no longer possible to obtain all the vitamins that our bodies need to live in good health.

Vitamins help with our wellness and health, which is why it is essential to have enough of them in our daily life.

  • More organic energy
  • Optimize your vitality capital and your immune system
  • Help with health prevention, e.g serious diseases: cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.)
  • Improve your life expectancy in the long term
  • Improve sleep
  • Help reduce stress and its effect on your body
“Let your food be your medicine.” - Hippocrates

Micronutrition begins with the principle of prevention and that food is the main source of well-being and energy.

There are two complementary currents in biotechnology startups: "biotech chemistry" which create new molecules to treat pathologies and "Biotech Life Sciences" which observe and understand nature to put in place the perfect conditions for the development of the living.

At Bloomizon we belong to this second category, our goal is to understand the relationship between complex systems, namely, mankind and its nutrition.

We do not create any new molecule, we model your nutrinome (your own nutritional need) and give you the ability to bring to your body exactly the amount of nutrients it needs.

The Bloomizon team

“Biology is the new digital” (Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the MIT Lab)
We are scientists who crack the mysteries of the human body to help people throughout the world to live a healthier and more happy life.

Benoît Jonniaux

Chief Executive Officer

Benoît is a mathematician. He developed the Bloomizon algorithm to determine the unique needs of each person [nutrinome]. He previously co-founded a yield management business, as well as the collaborative web agency Digital Village. Benoît has won numerous entrepreneurial awards, and is an important actor in the ecosystem of FoodTech in Paris.


Mélanie Jonniaux

Chief Operating Officer

Mélanie is a biological engineer (Polytech) and a graduate of Marketing Intelligence (HEC Paris). She began her career in the pharmaceutical industry and co-founded a personalised cosmetics company in Germany. Today, Mélanie steers the micro-encapsulation part of Bloomizon in order to create the first customised food supplements.


Frédéric Anglès

Chief Science Officer

Doctor of micro biology at CNRS, Frédéric has taught biology at the University of Toulouse and is working with the University of San Diego. He is in charge of the fundamental research program at Bloomizon on health promotion through micro-nutrition.


Sylvain Friquet

Chief Technology Officer

Sylvain studied at EPITECH Paris and UC San Diego. He spent several years at Facebook where he worked on the Graph Search then created new products for emerging countries (Slideshow Ads for Emerging Markets). He is now leading the development of the Bloomizon platform, its applications, and its big data and machine learning issues.



Customer Care Manager

Julie is a new graduate in management. Passionate about nutrition and wellness, she first joined Bloomizon as an intern at the end of her studies. Today, she ensures that every user is fully satisfied, implements our partnerships, and mobilizes the community.



Chief Happiness Officer

Mistral is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, his speciality is to give hugs and licks to all members of the team. His love comes from the enjoyment that we have in doing our jobs and in the infinite attention that we give you. He has also become the star of Smart Food Paris.


Our scientific committee

Rodolphe Lavielle


Doctor of Medicine, Rodolphe is specialized in biology and human physiology. He has a master's degree in statistics, bio-mathematics and data processing (University Paris-VII). It advises Bloomizon on the impact of biological data on the nutrinome.


Michel Sportiche


Doctor of Medicine, Michel is a cardiologist. He serves as a reference on the medical subjects related to sports. It advises Bloomizon on the health impact of the Bloomizon program.


Our strategic committee

Bruno Tissier


For 18 years, Bruno has opened all of IPSEN's pharmaceutical production plants. He assists Bloomizon with the production process on request and as needed.


Arnaud Bouyer


The Director-General of investment banking activities, Arnaud advises the largest enterprises. He has conducted reference transactions and several IPOs.


Aurélien Hérault

VP R&D and Product, DEEZER

First employee hired, and lead developer at Deezer for 10 years, Aurélien shares with us his know-how in the exponential growth of a start-up.


Thierry Gonnet


Thierry has led major technology companies and has successfully conducted several well known LBOs. He brings us his analytical vision and his management experience.