How It Works

Discover your nutrinome and optimize your vitamin intake

With Bloomizon, assess and fulfill 100% of your vitamin needs thanks to a tailor-made vitamin program.
The Bloomizon program adapts to your way of life and makes you more healthy, with more organic energy in your daily life.
Here's how it works:

Create your profile

Fill in your profile so that our algorithm can calculate your nutrinome.
Your physiology, your way of life, your diet and your environment are the main factors affecting your vitamin profile.

Discover your nutrinome

Using your dashboard, follow your daily needs.
They evolve daily, based on your environment, your diet, and your activities.
For instance, every day, our algorithm takes into account the rate of sunshine at your current location, and we determine if you're able to synthesize your vitamin D.

Order your custom-made vitamins

To correct your deficits, we manufacture the first custom-made vitamins, encapsulated in the exact concentration which your body needs, helping you fulfill 100% of your needs, no more, no less.

With custom-made vitamins, access to a more healthy life, full of energy!

Every morning get the exact intake that you need

Every morning, log in to your application to know your program of the day.
Our program adapts to yourself. We compute it daily so that you're always fulfilling 100% of your daily needs.

Our members declare feeling better and having more energy after just a few days of following our programme, so why not you?

Need more information? Have a look at our frequently asked questions, or feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help.