Organic Red Ginseng

Fatigue, overwork, convalescence, physical and intellectual stimulant

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What's Organic Red Ginseng

What is Organic Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng is a perennial plant whose root, the rhizome, is renowned for its medicinal properties but is also used as a food.

It belongs to the genus Panax, indicates that it is considered as being able to cure everything, like the universal remedy. Red Ginseng is an essential base of the Asian pharmacopoeia.

Benefits of Organic Red Ginseng

  • The root of Red Ginseng contains vitamins known for their stimulating and energizing properties.


  • Ginseng has a general tonic action on the body; it stimulates the immune system, it improves both physical and intellectual performance, regardless of age. It improves the process of memorization and reflexes.


  • It allows a better adaptation of the body to the effort by reducing the feeling of tiredness, muscular pains, the lactic acid level in the blood and by increasing the use of oxygen by the muscles.


  • Moreover, by acting on the adrenal cortex, the Ginseng root has a stimulating action on the sexual organs.
Benefits of Organic Red Ginseng
Composition of Organic Red Ginseng

Composition of

The natural food supplements of Organic Red Ginseng are made from scalded roots.

Red Ginseng* - Panax ginseng (300 mg), Plant-based coating (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), Acacia Seyal fibers* (50 mg).

* Organic products

It is not recommended for people with diabetic treatment.