Organic Howthorn

Palpitations, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia of the adult and the child

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What's Organic Howthorn

What is Organic Howthorn

Hawthorn (Crataegus) is a very common bush in the European countryside and in North America, it belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is characterized by long thorny twigs up to ten meters long.

In ancient Greece, Hawthorn was a symbol of protection and purity, with nuptial chambers and cradles alluded to in order to drive out evil spirits.

Benefits of Organic Howthorn

  • The white or pink flowers of Hawthorn are composed of flavonoids and sterols, which gives it soothing virtues. This plant will help you regain your calm and reduce stress and nervousness.


  • It is an effective dietary supplement to soothe sleep disorders related to nervousness. Organic Hawthorn helps to improve sleep, reduce tension, reduce agitation and reduce irritability. Flavonoids (hyperoside and lavitexine) act as regulators of heart rhythm by decreasing heart palpitations and exaggerated perception of heartbeat in anxious and nervous persons.


  • Beyond its action on tired hearts, Hawthorn acts more widely on the circulatory system by increasing the coronary flow thus ensuring the heart muscle a greater intake of oxygenated blood (prevention of angina attacks). Due to its cardiac properties and its dilatory effects on the blood vessels, Hawthorn can be useful in cardiac arrhythmia disorders.


  • It also helps relieve the problems related to angina pectoris through its hypotensive action (it lowers blood pressure).


  • The synergy of its various components, which only the total powder preserves, confers on it also a sedative activity of the central nervous system, ensuring a significant effect in states of nervousness, irritability, anxiety and sleep disorders. Unlike synthetic drugs with undesirable side effects (somnolence day, memory loss ...), Hawthorn does not cause addiction or addiction.
Benefits of Organic Howthorn
Composition of Organic Howthorn

Composition of the food supplement Organic Howthorn

The natural food supplements of Organic Howthorn are made from Howthorn flowers.

Howthorn*- Crateagus oxyacantha (300 mg), Plant-based coating (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).

*Organic products