Organic Valerian

Insomnia, anxiety, smoking cessation

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What's Organic Valerian

What is Organic Valerian

A majestic plant with elegant foliage, Valerian grows in humid places throughout temperate Europe and the United States. This large herbaceous plant is recognized by its crowns of pink flowers and its very characteristic smell.

Its roots have a high content of valerinic acid. Since antiquity, Valerian is recommended by Hippocrates to fight against sleep problems. In Europe, in the Middle Ages, she received the nickname "cure-all". It was used again during the First World War to calm the stress of fighting and bombing.

Benefits of Organic Valerian

  • The root contains very many compounds. It is rich in essential oil, valerenic acid and other active ingredients such as valpotriates. The combined action of these compounds produces sedative and relaxing effects, they reduce nervousness and agitation related to stress, improve mood and concentration.


  • Valerian promotes sleep and improves the quality of sleep with an efficiency as great as conventional products, without "knock out" for those who use it nor cause addiction.


  • Valerian is also used successfully in smoking cessation treatments; it calms the anxiety and nervousness that accompany weaning. It enters in many herbal programs to quit smoking, gradually creating a disgust for tobacco.
Benefits of Organic Valerian
Composition of Organic Valerian

Composition of the food supplement Organic Valerian

The natural food supplements of Organic Valerian are made from the roots.

Maltodextrin*, Valerian extract* - Valeriana officinalis L. (80 mg), Plant-based coating (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), Rice flour*.

* Organic products