Organic Horsetail

Remineralizing bone, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, fracture consolidation

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What's Organic Horsetail

What is Organic Horestail

Common in Europe, Horsetail owes its nickname "ponytail" to the filiform aspect of its branch. This plant so widespread is extraordinary in its composition but also with its past since it already existed in the early ages of the earth!

Its use in folk medicine for its remineralizing virtues dates back to the seventeenth century.

Benefits of Organic Horsetail

  • Horsetail has exceptional remineralizing properties.


  • This plant, which is particularly rich in silicon, stimulates the synthesis of collagen contained in bone and connective tissues, which promotes the reconstruction of cartilage and the consolidation of fractures by promoting the formation of bone callus.


  • Horsetail has soothing properties to limit joint discomfort. It significantly improves tendon flexibility and helps protect them during sustained sports efforts (tennis elbow prevention).


  • Silicon deficiencies are common and increase with age. Hence the interest of regular horsetail treatments to fully benefit from all its remineralizing effects.


  • Horsetail also has a diuretic virtue at the origin of its traditional use to facilitate the elimination functions of the body and fight against the problems of water retention.
Benefits of Organic Horsetail
Composition of Organic Horsetail

Composition of the food supplement Organic Horestail

The natural food supplements of Organic Horsetail are made from the flowering tips.

Horsetail* - Equisetum arvense (200 mg), Plant-based coating (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).

* Organic products