Organic Guarana

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What's Organic Guarana

What is Organic Guarana

Guarana is a bush from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Its seed contains a high concentration of caffeine which makes it the known plant containing the highest level of caffeine in the world.

The peeled seed then reduced to powder is consumed for its stimulating and fortifying properties. In Brazil, Guarana is grown in the states of Amazonas (where it grows wild), Mato-Grosso and Bahia. In the Amazonas, near the municipality of Maués, the Amerindians of the Sateré-Mawé nation continue to transmit legends about the origin of the plant of which they were the first to discover the properties.

Benefits of Organic Guarana

  • Away from coffee and tea, Guarana is positioned as the most caffeine-rich plant currently known. Caffeine accelerates the burning of fat, increases the basic metabolism of cells and promotes the elimination of stored fat by the body.


  • It also stimulates the release of catecholamines, including adrenaline, which allows the body to burn more quickly its fat.


  • Guarana also has gastroprotective effects, antidepressants and generally improves the physical and intellectual performance.


  • By causing a general stimulation of the body, Guarana restores vitality and sensation of well-being, whets the mind, without exciting or altering the normal heart rate.
Benefits of Organic Guarana
Composition of Organic Guarana

Composition of the food supplement Organic Guarana

The natural food supplements of Organic Guarana are made from the seed.

Guarana* - Paullinia cupana Kunth (250 mg), Acacia fibers*, Plant-based coating (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).

* Organic products

Contains caffeine, it is not recommended for children and pregnant women.