La maison Bloomizon

« We believe nature is the answer. We are creating truly personal Personal Care products : plant-based, doctor-approved, transparent and focused on your unique needs. »

Our mission

Our well-being capital is one of the most important thing in our life, it directly impacts our ability to be who we are, to undertake what we want to achieve. At Bloomizon, we are here to help you achieve your personal balance every day. 

We strongly believe in the power of plants, responsibly and tailor-made products to beautify your day, as well as your whole life. At our side, you will feel every day in harmony with your body. It is by feeling better in your own body that you feel better in your life, and this has an impact not only on your personal life, but also on your lived ones, your professional life and the society in which we live. 

Our mission is to be the daily dose that will make you feel better in your body and your head. We are very proud to accompany you so you shine on the world and for sure that you'll make it a better place. 

« Bloomizon is the brand that takes care of your daily well-being. We combine the best of nature and science to meet the needs of your body with the utmost care. »

A holistic approach

We have always looked well-being, beauty and health separately. But thanks to digital and technological advances, these three areas are getting closer and closer.

At Bloomizon, we consider Nutrition in the broad sense, not just food but nutrition of our whole body (up to our mind).

Indeed, plants will nourish your body bt bringing nutrients (vitamins, minerals...) and also functional benefits (immune, destressing...).

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A personalized program

Because your are unique and because well-being is eminently personal, so is your Bloomizon program. 

At Bloomizon, what inspires us every day is our desire to help you feel better. And this, in the most efficient, the most pleasant and the most unique way possible.

Let's go to know each other and we will do our best to offer you the natural ingredients that suit you

Healthy, natural products made in France

We believe in the power of plants and personalized products to beautify your body, but also your life. 

We select for you the best natural ingredients and manufacture un France your personailzed preparations. 

We attach a lot of importance to the quality of our products, we are ourselves the first users. 

Our products are natural, vegan, gluten free and guaranteed without GMO.

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Daily companion

The quest of well-being is continuous and day-to-day, so we accompany you every day. 

We follow with you the benefits of each plant on your body to help you find the associations that match you. 

Even if sometimes you have specific and immediate needs that we respond to, our motto in the "Slow life" movement, take care of yourself in the ling run and respect your body and mind. 

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The Feel Good.

Bloomizon is above all a community of people who believe that another way of taking care of itself is possible, more personal an more natural. 

We are convinced that it is by feeling better that we have the energy to have a positive impact on others and on the world. We defend positivism, empowerment, complicity and responsibility. 

The world will not change in a day, but can be the architects of a new way of life. And most importantly, WE CARE !!! and we will do everything in our power to help you.

Our commitments

  • Make you feel better every day, in the most pleasant and unique way.


  • We do this job because you development matters to us sincerly. We are attentive to your remarks ans make Bloomizon evolve continuously, just like our AI coach that becomes more and more precise as it knows you. 


  • We select for you the best ingredients to enjoy all the benefits that nature can give us. 
  • Because we all must be able to reach our wellness capital, our products are all formulated without gluten, without GMOs and are adapted to a vegan diet. 


  • Nature is not opposed to Science and Technology. We are researchers in Life Science and offer a service at the forefront of technology. Our ambition is to make this experience accessible to everyone. 


Benoit Jonniaux

Chief Executive Officer

Benoît is a mathematician. He developed the Bloomizon algorithm to determine the unique needs of each person. He previously co-founded a yield management business, as well as the collaborative web agency Digital Village. Benoît has won numerous entrepreneurial awards, and is an important actor in the ecosystem of FoodTech in Paris.

Mélanie Jonniaux

Chief Operating Officer

Mélanie is a biological engineer (Polytech) and a graduate of Marketing Intelligence (HEC Paris). She began her career in the pharmaceutical industry and co-founded a cosmetics company in Germany. Today, Mélanie steers the products development of Bloomizon in order to offer you the best food supplements and the most unique experience as possible.

Frédéric Anglès

Chief Science Officer

Doctor of micro biology at CNRS, Frédéric has taught biology at the University of Toulouse and is working with the University of San Diego. He is in charge of the fundamental research program at Bloomizon on health promotion through micro-nutrition.

Our scientific committee

Bruno Tissier


For 18 years, Bruno has opened all of IPSEN's pharmaceutical production plants. He assists Bloomizon with the production process on request and as needed.

Rodolphe Lavielle


Doctor of Medicine, Rodolphe is specialized in biology and human physiology. He has a master's degree in statistics, bio-mathematics and data processing (University Paris-VII). It advises Bloomizon on the impact of biological data on nutritional needs.

Michel Sportiche


Doctor of Medicine, Michel is a cardiologist. He serves as a reference on the medical subjects related to sports. It advises Bloomizon on the health impact of the Bloomizon program.

Our strategic committee

Arnaud Bouyer


The Director-General of investment banking activities, Arnaud advises the largest enterprises of the world. The M&A and IPOs he conducted are considered as references.

Pauline Duval

DG, Duval Group

The Director-General of Duval Group, Pauline manages a company of more than 3,000 employees. She advises Bloomizon on its growth strategy.

Thierry Gonnet


Thierry has led major technology companies and has successfully conducted several well known LBOs. He brings us his analytical vision and his management experience.