Corporate Program

Well-being at work isn't just a new start-up trend: it is a company commitment towards its employees.

Nowadays, the most successful and appealing companies are those who take a special interest in the health and well-being of their employees. It goes without saying that healthier employees with greater organic energy perform at a higher level.
Good nutrition therefore makes excellent business sense.

Create a culture of well-being and retain your talents

Making commitments to well-being within your company contributes to building your employer brand and improves your company's attractiveness on the job market.
You attract new talent and reduce your employee turnover by 12%.

Improve your employees' productivity

Companies setting up wellness programs see their employees' productivity rise by 8%.

Improve your employees' health

Getting involved in your employees' well-being allows you to act on their health and reduce absenteism by 40%.

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