Feel unique. Feel good.

Improve your wellness with our custom-made vitamins


Bloomizon helps you know, monitor and optimize
your daily intake in vitamins.

Thanks to a unique technology, we let you monitor your nutritional needs at no charge. To correct your deficits, we manufacture the first custom-made vitamins to the exact concentration that is lacking in your body. You get exactly 100% of your vitamin requirements, not more not less. We deliver your personal vitamins directly to you in a few days. Don't change your way of life, we adapt to you and help you get access to a more healthy life, full of energy!

What we provide for you

Our mission is to help you live longer, in better health and with more organic energy in daily life

More organic energy in your daily life

Vitamins are essential to the functioning of our bodies. Having enough provides you with more healthy energy each day.

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Feel better in your body

Bloomizon vitamins are natural and identical to those present in your diet, they preserve and optimize your vitality capital.

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Achieve 100% of your capacity

A lack of vitamins, or having too much, destabilizes your body. Your Bloomizon custom made vitamins allow you to achieve your perfect balance.

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Live longer in better health

Having your ideal rate of vitamins helps your body to fight against all external aggressions and to be in better health.

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You are unique!

Each of us has our own particular vitamin needs. They vary according to our way of life, our physiology, our environment and our food.

For 50 years our diet has evolved, creating a decrease in the nutritional quality of our food. A banana has lost 80% of its vitamin A in the last decades. To fill this nutritional deficit and to continue to meet the specific vitamin needs of each body, Bloomizon has developed the first program of custom-made vitamins. Bloomizon vitamins are manufactured for you, on request, with the exact concentration that is lacking in your body.

Don't change your life, but live healthier with more organic energy starting today!

Be an actor in your wellness, wherever you are and at any time

A simple
and precise questionnaire

Give us information on your physiology, your way of life, your diet and your environment, our algorithm calculates your vitamin profile

An instructional
and intuitive application

Using your dashboard, you follow your needs on a daily basis and receive tips to improve your intake of vitamins

Custom-made vitamins,
manufactured on request

Correct your deficits with your custom-made vitamins, encapsulated in the exact concentration which your body needs. Your vitamins are made for you and are not suited to any other person

Boost your body
in less than 1 minute

Every morning, log in to your application to know your program of the day

Access to the platform and your nutrinome is entirely free

We are very proud of it because for us it is a mission of public health. You only pay if you order custom-made vitamins that we manufacture exclusively for you. You always have free access to all of the information to make them yourself if you want,

Because we source vitamins of an exceptional quality and we give extreme attention to their encapsulation and are the only ones with this degree of precision and customization, we are certain that our expertise has a very important value in your eyes.

We commit ourselves to providing you with this unique service at the lowest possible cost so that everyone can have access to the nutrients that his or her body needs.

Following the Bloomizon program costs less than 1€/ day for all the vitamins you need, less expensive than a coffee.

Manufactured in France with
Gluten and allergen free.